Founded in 1991, Wu Promotion’s mission is to promote cultural exchange and friendship between countries.

For 33 years, Wu Promotion has been one of the largest and leading promoters of music and performing arts in Asia and around the world. Since its foundation, Wu Promotion has organized over 3,000 different performances for more than 500 artists in front of around 6 million spectators in China and worldwide. The program ranges from symphonic concerts, ballet, drama, solo recitals to chamber music and multimedia formats.

Many top international orchestras are among Wu Promotion’s close partners, including the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Dresden and, more recently, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to the orchestras, Wu Promotion regularly organizes Asian tours for the world’s best ballet companies such as the Eifman Ballet, the Balletto del Teatro alla Scala and many others.

Wu Promotion is also active for the most outstanding Chinese ensembles: the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the China National Traditional Orchestra, the China National Opera House, the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, the China National Peking Opera Company and many other important figureheads of Chinese culture are successfully represented by Wu Promotion all over the world.

In this way, Wu Promotion is committed to promoting exchanges between cultures worldwide and opening the doors for a sustainable dialog based on the universal language of music and the arts.