The Great Chinese New Year Concert is now one of the most successful unconventional concert formats in the world. Since 1998, it has been held in around 27 different countries and 25 major cities, reaching over 200,000 enthusiastic listeners. The Great Chinese New Year Concert has thus written an impressive success story throughout Europe. It is now an integral part of the international concert calendar.

Over the past 26 years, Wu Promotion has organized around 170 events on four continents. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2017, 27 concerts with four different orchestras took place, from the Silk Road Tour through countries in the Middle East to Russia, the Baltic States and Central Europe.

During the Chinese Spring Festival, China’s leading traditional orchestras present samples of the local music tradition.

Access to the musical language and the various instruments will be facilitated by a local presenter who will guide you through the varied concert program. By listening to traditional Chinese music, the audience discovers how closely this music is connected to Chinese culture as a whole.

The concert is a bridge for cultural understanding and thus opens up perspectives for a real emotional exchange. The Great Chinese New Year Concert opens the ears in an exemplary way to the enjoyment of traditional Chinese instruments and music from the Far East.